All-things-design-loving mama/seamstress, handmaking stylish outfits for your mini-fashionistas!

Jujibird in a few numbers:
- 35+ is the number of years since I first picked up a sewing needle, and I was hooked.
- 6 is the age I first decided I wanted to be a fashion designer when I grow up, and I never looked back. 
- 20 + years since I got my first fashion related job – I have learned so much since. 
- 2019 is the year my eldest daughter was born, and so was Jujibird. 
- 3 is the total number of kids I have, and limitless is the amount of inspiration they provide me. 
 - Gazillion is the number of hours, sweat and tears I have put in towards my dream, but so is the amount of pride I feel for what I have accomplished until today. 

 "Jujibird" was born in my basement - named after the nickname my daughter was given by her older brother. My kids became, not only my limitless source of design ideas, but also my fit models, sewing assistants, and a constant reminder of who I am doing all this for. Jujibird is a true family affair!

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