[...] With the newest Barbie movie coming out soon, I am reminded how I felt during my first encounter with the famed doll, as a little girl growing up in Soviet times. [...]

    As Father’s day approaches, here is a little appreciation post for this guy 👆
  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUJIBIRD – welcome to the effin’ fours!

    [...] Jujibird herself, my eldest daughter, celebrates her 4th birthday. [...] Elton John’s TINY DANCER was the soundtrack, his colorful persona was the mood, the groovy 70ies were the vibe. Kids

    I just want to wish all of the incredible moms, a Happy Mother’s Day this upcoming weekend, and to remind you all how awesome you are!
  • "Favorite shirt resurrection surgery" project

    [...] Does your toddler have an absolute favorite item of clothing [...] but it is no longer available in stores ... WHAT DO YOU DO!?!
  • Happy International Women’s Day!

    [...] Today I want to celebrate myself, my daughters, and all the women around the world! [...]
  • Making memories...

    [...] ideas to repurpose her recieving blanket and hospital hat. She wanted to perhaps make a stuffed animal out if it - something her daughter would be able to keep for years to come.
  • PURIM is coming! PURIM is coming...

    !PURIM! This year it falls on March 7. [...] Purim is often compared to Halloween, as kids and adults alike are encouraged to dress-up in costumes, and sweets and treats are exchanged as gifts. [...] I also have been working on some fun new costume designs available to order just in time to join the festivities.
  • The dress that should have been...

    At the beginning of this year, I have received a large order. [...] - A DREAM PROJECT to start a new year! I was up to a good start, however for a variety of reasons, the result did not come out as the client expected. [...] I felt like I completely failed as a designer. The whole experience was on its way to unravel and turn into a big disaster. But this is not a story of my professional shortcomings – it is a story of perseverance, teaching moments, and eventual successes.
  • Leah’s ONEderland

    Back in November, I had a very special client, who needed a very special outfit for a very special event. [...] For the occasion, I baked a cake, and designed a romper with a removable tutu out of blue satin and tulle, all of which were inspired by the original Disney movie.

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