Different people may have different reactions when they hear the word “BARBIE”, but one cannot deny there are few that won’t react at all, because they won’t know what it means. Love her, envy her, want to be her, or despise her - Barbie doll and her universe IS a global phenomenon. 

I was about 9 years old when a relative, who visited the States, brought me back one as a gift. The hot pink box, the shiny blond hair, the statuesque body – I WAS AMAZED! – I’ve never seen anything like that before. My little 9-year-old brain was blown! In Soviet Russia, toys were not supposed to be colorful and fun…  

My first fashion creations were made for this Barbie doll, from the scraps of left over fabrics I would get from my seamstress grandmother. Clumsy at first, these tiny clothes started to fit better, and my Barbie’s wardrobe became more intricate with time. Practice makes perfect they say, and since I was spending so many hours designing and making outfits for my Barbie, I got pretty good, pretty fast, and I never stopped making clothes.  

When I grew older, moved to Canada, and stopped playing with her, I never forgot that exhilarating feeling of excitement and inspiration I had every time I played with my Barbie doll. Now, as an adult and a mom myself, I am once again reminded of that feeling, and I cannot wait to see whether this new movie will inspire a new generation of young kids and what they will grow up to achieve!  

pattern for a barbie inspired dress hot pink

hot pink and white striped cotton dress pattern

barbie cut out silhouette pink dress applique

stars and stripes pink skirt dress for baby girl

D-023-6 BARBIE dress is now available to order :)