A few weeks ago, a young mom reached out to me with a request. She had just given birth to a beautiful baby girl, and was looking for ideas to repurpose her recieving blanket and hospital hat. She wanted to perhaps make a stuffed animal  out if it - something her daughter would be able to keep for years to come. 

I thought it was a wonderful idea and immediately felt so inspired, as a designer sure, but especially as a mom myself. After a short back and forth, some sketching, and figuring out the best pattern placement, the HARPER keepsake bear was born. Both the client and myself, couldnt be happier with the final result. What an excellent way to preserve some of these special memories of the first year of a babie's life, that always seem to pass so fast....

Here are a few pictures of my creative process :)

pattern stuffed bear

muslin mock up stuffed bear

recieving blanket stuffed bear

recieving blanket custom bear