As the sun shines ever so brightly and the air fills with spring smells, on this date, I always think of all the strong women that have been inspiring me, teaching me, guiding me, supporting me, and helping me to become my own woman that I am today. 

I also remind myself of one of the reasons why I do it all – my own daughters. Do I inspire them? Do I guide them? Do I support them in their own ventures? Do I raise them to be strong, fearless, determined? Do they always know how much I love them; even when I can’t give them 100% of my attention? Will they always retain a memory of me behind sewing machine as they play next to me, as a happy childhood memory, the same way as I always remember my grandmothers?  

Today I want to celebrate myself, my daughters, and all the women around the world! Here’s to minimizing our sacrifices, multiplying our opportunities, amplifying our voices, strengthening our community, owning our womanhood, and expanding our present, so that our daughters can keep on flourishing in the future.