Kids are peculiar creatures who get attached to the weirdest things, don't they? I am sure a lot of parents can relate to tthe following situation. Does your toddler have an absolute favorite item of clothing that that they treat like this year's  Best Picture Oscar winner - everything, everywhere, all at once? Something they  wear so much, that it literally starts to desintegrate into pieces. You would be happy to get them this item again, but it is no longer available in stores ... WHAT DO YOU DO!?!

My son is that kid. Couple of years ago, he got as a gift this T-shirt with a bear print on it and absolutely loved it. For 2 years straight, it was his all-time favorite. He was absolutely devastated when it no longer fit him after another growth spurt. We tried to look for a similar one in a bigger size, but couldnt find that exact print. 

FInally, I realized that it was the actual bear picture that he loved the most. So, I got a plain grey T-shirt on Amazon and after quick 20 minutes project - VOILA!  

With surgical precision, I cut out the picture from the old t-Shirt, ironed the edges flat, pinned it to the new shirt, and sewed it around with decorative stitch. My son couldn't be happier with his brand new shirt that he will be wearing for years to come (or until he gets fixated on something new...)

kids grey t-shirt with bear print

grey t-shirt kids bear print